Corporate Social Responsibility

Educational, Medical, and Social Initiatives | KENCANA AGRI

Education Initiatives

Since 2000, we have offered over 3,000 scholarships to children from the local communities. Scholarship recipients comprise the top three students from the local schools, as well as orphans or children from single-parent households, and they are offered employment opportunities with us when they graduate. We also contribute to the local schools by sponsoring local teachers.

Healthcare Services

We have been collaborating with local hospitals and clinics since 2000 to provide free basic medical services, such as medical check-ups, to the local communities.

Social and Cultural Activities

We value the diverse culture of Indonesia, and to further foster cultural values, we sponsor and participate in traditional events and social functions. We also contribute to the social and cultural welfare of the local communities by helping to build and repair places of worship such as mosques, churches and temples. In this way, we are able to maintain strong ties with the local communities.